What You Need to Know About Moving Your Factory Equipment

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and moving a factory is no different. Because of the large equipment and the amount of items that need to be transported, planning is essential. Without a plan, the move will be a disaster, taking longer than necessary and costing more than it should. With the right mindset, however, and a cohesive plan, moving into a new space can provide benefits that will last for years to come in the way of efficiency and workflow management.

Move Machines Safely

There’s risk involved when moving heavy machinery and you will need to have an employee working directly with machinery movers southern California to coordinate schedules, share plans and determine relocation timing. A mover will break down equipment, decontaminate any equipment and reinstall machines at the new location. The employee you decide to have work with the moving company needs top-notch organizational and communication skills to enable them to work closely with the movers while relaying information back to you.

Have a Floorplan Prepared

The floorplan can be the best reason for a move if it will improve the processes of your team production lines. One of the best ways to perfect your operation is using a “cell” layout, which leads to one-piece flow. Before the move happens, get onto the work floor and talk to your team members. Determine how well the process works from their perspective. Ask them open-ended questions about how they use their tools, if they have proper storage and where bottlenecks occur on the line. Using this information, design a new layout to increase the number of cells and one-piece workflows. Once in the new space, get back out on the floor and ask questions again. Keeping an eye on the line can help you prevent costly workflows.

Test and Audit Equipment

Moving gives you an opportunity to audit each piece of equipment to determine age and repair necessities. Knowing if a machine should be replaced can prevent the moving costs and instead go towards a new piece of equipment. After the move, test for any damage, re-calibrate machines and perform testing before employees use the machinery again.

Moving your factory equipment takes time but you want as little downtime as possible to prevent customer backlogs and complaints. Preparing in advance is the best way to move quickly and set up as fast as possible to get your production lines running again.

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