Four Reasons DevOps Principles are Worth Adopting

DevOps is a culture and set of processes to complete software development. With DevOps, companies can create and improve products faster than they can with conventional software development approaches.

Over the past few years, organizations have been quick in adopting DevOps principles and hiring DevOps consulting services. Here’s why:

DevOps Allows for Faster Innovation

Traditionally, development and operations team work in separate departments. In this approach, it is hard to tell if an application is ready for release or operations. If the development team just turns over an application, the cycle times of the operations are extended. With DevOps, development and operations teams work together, making applications ready for use much more quickly. Companies only succeed when they can innovate their products faster than the competition.

It Reduces or Prevents Programming Defects

Usually, teams fail to deploy an application because of programming defects. Because of the shorter development cycles with DevOps, code releases are done more frequently. In turn, this makes it easier to detect code defects. Using agile programming principles, teams can minimize the number of deployment failures. Also, it is easier to manage rollbacks since not all modules are affected. In fact, recovery is much faster when both teams work together and exchange ideas.

It Improves the Software Development Culture

As development and operations team work together, they will be happier and more productive. This results in a culture that is performance-focused rather than individual goals. Teams that trust each other can experiment and innovate in a more effective way. They can concentrate on getting the product to market or into production. DevOps eliminates the usual “turning over” approach where teams wait to see what happens.

It Increases Efficiencies

This helps in speeding up the development process and making it less prone to errors. DevOps tasks can be automated in many ways. Code testing can be automated through continuous integration which reduces the amount of manual work required. Thus, software engineers will take care of the tasks that cannot be automated. Efficiencies can also be increased through acceleration tools.

Companies that want to make DevOps work for their organization must work with a partner who can help them in realizing the benefits. Expert providers of Software Testing Services can help in speeding up development as well as offer greater visibility and control across services, servers, and applications. By using open-source Dev-Ops tools, companies can take the power back from their IT vendors.

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