Why RF Signal Dividers Are Still Relevant

When most of us think of an RF divider, we think of the ’80s when TV’s used to use these to connect to a VCR, DVD Player, or other devices. While most of the world has moved to wireless, this has also increased the demand of dividing high powered RF signals through high power dividers.

With today’s modern communications, RF signals are much more high powered in order to broadcast signals wirelessly. However, the source signals are still carried through high powered RF cables. These signals do need to be split up to different towers, which is why high power dividers still play an important role.

How Do Dividers Work?

Dividers operate by allowing a single input signal and then splitting it up through two or more outputs. This signal is more than just an RF signal as it can be used to power devices as well. Through high power dividers, you can ensure that the equipment that needs power as well as a signal will have both coming in plenty strong to make things work smoothly.

An example of this is a high power antenna. The antenna needs power to broadcast the signal, as well as the signal itself. This is the perfect case for a high powered divider in which the antenna can receive power to broadcast as well as the signal so it can do it’s job. If there were multiple antennas, then a divider could be used to send power and radio signals to multiple pieces of equipment, which can make setting up multiple devices much easier than the alternative.

Ease of Use

Depending on the type of divider you need for your application, the setup is relatively easy. Most dividers use coaxial cable, but some dividers may use different types of cables based on the amount of power and signal being transmitted. If you are unsure of what type of high powered divider you need, check out a high power communication provider is a great idea as signal type matters. Most high power dividers can transmit AM, FM, VHF, UHF, Cellular, Digital UHF and satellite radio signals. These sorts of signals work well for military, commercial, industrial, as well as testing facilities that need reliable signals for constant uptime and performance.

As you can see, high powered dividers are extremely relevant in today’s wireless world. Without them, wireless signals wouldn’t able to be broadcasted in the way they are today.

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