Managing Insider Threats: The Importance Of Identity And Access Management

A considerable number of security breaches and data misuse can be tracked back to internal sources. Organizations deal with large volumes of data on a regular basis, and this data is managed by employees, managers and people working for the organization, often through direct access. With compliance rules getting more complex by the day, businesses have no choice but to focus more on insider threats. Insider threats are often more complicated, more so because parts of the breaches are not intentional, but more of an act of negligence, or a simple error. In that context, identity and access management are aspects to consider.

How can companies make the most of access management?

Giving access to company employees to privacy information and sensitive data is often not a choice. However, for access management¸ it is necessary to define roles and determine why and to what extent a company needs to have access to company data. Sometimes, it starts with understanding the latest breaches, if any, so as to understand the motives. Besides the fact the insider threats are often unintentional, some people do have intentions related to use company data. With identity and access management tools, businesses can define security with a proactive stance. The idea is to keep a constant check on access to data, and review the access management policies periodically.

The need for identity and access management (IAM tools)

Of course, not all tools that focus on access management have the same features, so businesses need to do their homework right. It is necessary to understand who has access to critical systems and data, and redefine the strategies to access. IAM tools are designed to simplify access management, and companies have a better stance towards each system that relies on confidential data. Access rights can be revoked, added, or modified as required, and IAM simplifies the process for the management. For instance, some access management tools will automate block accounts that seem suspicious, or accounts of employees who have left the organization.

In conclusion

Insider threats are serious and shouldn’t be ignored, because beyond the obvious regulatory impact of non-compliance, there is repute and company data at stake. Companies that have had many security beaches owing to insider breaches often have a hard time gaining customer attention and confidence, besides the obvious impacts in the market. Check online for access management tools now and seek expertise on how your business can manage insider threats better.

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