Is Your Company Making These Phone Mistakes?

Phone traffic is one of the largest connections a business can have with consumers. Billions of customers call companies asking for help, purchasing merchandise, and requesting further information on services or products. That means that if six billion phone calls were made each day and 10 percent of those calls were missed, there would be six million unanswered chances for a sale. Since consumers are now very vocal about their experiences with companies, if a phone call is left unanswered, the customer can use social platforms to complain or leave negative comments about that company. Don’t let your business fall into the possible phone mistakes that can haunt so many companies. Here are some of the most common phone problems.

  1. Hold Is Death

Time is money to your business, but consumers are learning to value their time. That can become a problem for your company if you use a phone service that places customers on hold with “elevator” music playing in the background. Most consumers admit that if they are put on hold, they often simply hang up.

  1. Business After Hours

With all the online sales that are reported each year, you know as a business owner, how important it is to accept any contact your customers make. Whether it is by email, telephone, or in person, the contact can result in a sale – or multiple sales. If you have the type of phone service that reports you are closed, you are virtually shutting the consumer’s ability to reach out to you. That means you are losing valuable business opportunities each year. If you are serious about letting your customers reach you, consider investing in an answering service to take after work and weekend calls.

  1. Call Response Traps

Interactive Voice Response programs have been used by government agencies, banks, and medical facilities for more than a decade. Consumers report that they “detest” the system and feel as if they are being herded like cattle. In other words, your customers want to speak to a human voice that allows him or her to ask questions or direct them to a certain department. If the robotic voice is the first impression someone has of your company, you will probably lose the sale.

Your business is a part of your life, and you certainly don’t want to lose sales due to inefficient or poor phone habits. Instead, be sure to let your customers know they can reach out to you, and that someone will take their call or answer their email because your company cares. It can make a world of difference in how consumers respond to you – and how they hype you on social media.

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