How many Instagram followers you require to start to make money

At times it becomes quite frustrating to see influencers make several dollars per post that they place on Instagram while you keep on struggling to find out your followers are increasing at a snail pace. You could be wondering how to become the next influencer in landing large sponsored deals which pay best. The best might be to buy Instagram followers to boost your account.

It might be hard to tell if your count is large enough to start earning you some money. But the main metrics that brands and users look at in determining account influence is the count of followers due to the fact that, it is the center and front for everyone to be able to see. You have to know that, there is no set number of followers on Instagram to make it possible for you to make money which works for every niche’s influencer.

Amount of money you can make on Instagram

It is the first question that you might have if you are trying to monetize your Instagram but there is no fast and hard answer. There are several variables which tend to be factored into the amount of cash you can make by having to post on Instagram like the niche of the account, the post quality, way of monetizing, number of followers, and engagement rates and much more.

One of the ways which is most popular if not being the most popular, which influencers use to make money while on Instagram is via posts which are sponsored. The influencers are the ones who are responsible for having to set own rate for working with various brands and thus the potential of income earned will tend to vary from one influencer to the next.

An example is where an account just branched out into marketing influencer and posts which are sponsored might start by charging a low fee of about $25 per post and accounts which are established already as influencers with over 30k followers can charge several hundred dollars per post. Once you are able to reach over 100k followers, you might tend to start to charge at least $1000 for a single post.

Influencers such as Sam Ushiro with over 283k followers normally charge $1500 per post not to forget Kim Kardashian who has over 107 million followers making her to get over $500000 in a single sponsored post on Instagram.

There are certain influencers with different rates with the varying number of brands which they work with and the sponsored posts amount which they received, and it makes it possible to make a living on full time just to post on Instagram.

The number of followers you require to make money on Instagram

It will all depend. When the brands are out looking to work with a particular influencer, they would wish to know that their budget on marketing is used well. What is looked at by brands is the way the audience will be engaged, no matter the number of followers since that means more product awareness, and the sales that are likely to be made. Brands tend to also look at the way your follower numbers and engagement rate are fitting in with the niche and your post quality

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