Getting to understand office 2019

As you think of going for the Office 2019 professional plus, it is important to understand about its productivity as compared to the software which is available as a single purchase from a retail store or via a vole licensing agreement. Office 2019 is different from the office which is available via office 365 – the Microsoft 365 plans.

An example of the difference is where when using Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise – that was previously named office 365 Pro Plus to the users, you will not require office 2019. You will have all the features and much more which are included in the office 2019.

Versions of office 2019 volume licensed are available from the admins of enterprise to deploy and download to the users who are in the organization. The below are some of the office products that you will readily find available in devices which are running windows:

  • Office 2019 professional plus
  • Visio standard 2019
  • Office standard 2019
  • Visio professional 2019
  • Project standard 2019
  • Project professional 2019

The above office products are currently click to run use, instead of the MSI window installer, because of the development in the installation technology. But the way you activate the office products like having to use the KMS – key management service is still the same. If your device is running MacOS, then you will get office standard 2019 meant for Mac which is readily available for customers for volume license.

What changed in the office 2019?

The main change from the time of Office 2016 all about installation technology that is used by the new versions of the licensed volumes of Office being the click to run type instead of using the MSI – windows installer. The click to run has become the technology for installation for majority of the office products from the office 2013 release.

To add to the click to run, the below are some of the other changes which you should be aware of :

  • The office 2019 is one that is supported on the Windows 10 but Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 doesn’t support it
  • To be able to configure it to perform the installation, you will have to utilize the tools for office deployment which is a download that is free of charge from the Microsoft download center. The tool for office customization which you used previously for he MSI – Windows installer is no longer in use not be utilized.
  • Instead of having to download the installation files from the licensing service volume center – the VLSC, you will have to use the tool for office deployment to be able to download the installation files direct from the CDN – office content delivery network that is on the internet.
  • When installing the office professional plus 2019, the entire apps are installed by default. But you can be able to configure the tool for the office deployment to exclude particular apps from having to be installed.
  • The office 2019 is installed on the drive of the system, which is normally the C drive. The location for installation will not be changed from there.
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