Apply On Productivity Solutions Grant

In many selected sectors, the Efficiency Solutions Grant is tasked with implementing internet software solutions. Even so, the productivity solutions grant (PSG) provides some acceptable solutions.

Who will apply for grants from PSG?

SMEs can apply for funding from PSG if they fit that criterion:

  • Authorized in Singapore now operating
  • Payment in Singapore of IT approaches or facilities that will be used
  • Have a limit of 30 percent local share capital for needing something.

Move guide for applying for a grant of productivity solutions (PSG):

  1. Sign on to the List of Company Grants
  2. Using Compass to connect to the Portal
  3. Click the Get Tabs button
  4. Select Business Sector
  5. After you pick your international business area, press Select Grant
  6. The Grant Form collection
  7. Tab Continue
  8. Verification of The Status of Qualification
  9. Company Details Completion
  10. Information on Proposal
  11. Vendor Quote Upload
  12. The Cost of Buying
  13. Questions on future market effect responses
  14. Declarations and Acceptance Analysis
  15. The Final Statement

The Performance Solutions Grant (PSG) has pulled along three forms of existing grants, along with the design grant from the National Parks Panel, the Spring Singapore technology voucher, and the SME Digital initiative from the Press Development Agency.

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