4 Metalworking Opportunities

There are plenty of options available if metalworking is a passion. Many industries have a need for metal products whether directly or indirectly. In fact, most people could not function in their daily lives without the use of metal. No cars, computers, phones or appliances would function without the integration of metal parts.

  1. Automotive

Most cars are made with a lot of metal parts, from the chassis to the engine. Engineers are always needed who can innovate new ways to create lighter parts that contribute to better gas mileage without sacrificing strength. It is possible that during the course of a career, a metallurgical engineering firm will be worked with to ensure the products will stand up to the rigors of the road without any risk of failure. It is a rewarding career that can be not only personally fulfilling but also make the lives of thousands of drivers better.

  1. Electronics

Anyone who has ever cracked open a cell phone knows that many of the intricate parts are made of metal. Devices like laptops, tablets, phones and speakers are consistently becoming more advanced. New models constantly show up on the market that have better quality than their predecessors without adding much mass to the overall product. Metalworkers who specialize in nanocomponents, circuit boards and other electronic parts need to stay informed of industry trends.

  1. Fabricating

Shaping metal to meet client specifications using techniques like bending, cutting and assembling is known as fabrication. Once they have been fabricated, they can be turned into whatever the customer needs. People have been using metal fabrication techniques for thousands of years to create things like jewelry, mugs and chariot parts. Today, anything that the average consumer touches that has metal in it is the result of metal fabrication.

  1. Welding

Joining two or more pieces of metal together by using high heat to melt and bond them tightly. There are different types of welding, such as gas metal arc welding and flux cored arc welding. It can be learned on the job with instruction from an experienced worker, or classes can be taken. It can be dangerous, as the high heat and bright light can be damaging if welding is performed without proper safety equipment. As long as all safety regulations are followed, accidents can be kept to a minimum.

Metal plays a vital role in many people’s everyday lives. Working with metal can take many forms, from the extraction of ore from the earth to the use of nanotechnology to create faster and lighter electronic devices.

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